Saturday, March 22, 2008


mary kate stepped out at paris fashion week earlier this month wearing THIS jacket:

ive died and gone to heaven.

i can hear it whispering my name. cropped black leather. oversized gold studded detail. sleeves covering the knuckles.

i have no clue how i would ever get a hold of a Givency Fall 2007 jacket, or if i did how I would afford it, but still.

Mary Kate Olsen

Carine Roitfeld

i would team it with pale pink ballet flats, white tights, black legwarmers and a black tutu or heavily ruffled mini. drool.

Appreciation Bubble:
dogs. having coffee in a darlinghurst cafe this afternoon, my dog sat faithfully by my side. the majority of people who walked past looked at her and her cuteness brought a smile to their face. i smile at cute puppies too. awwww


a side order of style said...

AHHH I want one TOO!

Jen said...

Mary Kate wears that so well. She is such a tiny style icon!

PS I think your blog is fab.

Nichole said...

My friend bought a fake leather jacket and glued on studs herself. You should try that too!

The Clothes Horse said...

That coat would look dreamy with a tutu look!

Teresa said...

That jacket is so badass; I love it. And I am so envious of Carine, she is such a cougar.

addicted said...

i love that givenchy jacket on mk. it really reminds me of kanye west for some reason though!