Friday, April 11, 2008

Cosmetic Animal Testing

Dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, monkeys the list goes on… They can be poisoned and blinded, have substances forced into their stomachs and their eyes… These tests are no even required by law, and many brands produce cosmetics that aren’t tested on animals, so why do they still do it?!

The following companies have not signed on to PETA’s caring consumers list; meaning that they have NOT stated they don’t test on animals. These are the major companies, and the brand products they own.

This is where it gets confusing. L’Oreal owns brands such as Khiels, The Body Shop and Shu Umera but they do not manufacture them. They all have strict ‘non animal testing’ policies. So it comes down to the consumer: Do you want to buy a cruelty free product from Khiel’s knowing that the money you spend goes to a company that does test?

Be warned:

Chesebrough- Ponds
- Ponds
- Vaseline
Proctor & Gamble
- Claroil
- Herbal Essences
- CoverGirl
- Max Factor
- Oral-B
- Pantene
- Olay/Oil Of Olay
- Palmolive
- Speed Stick Deodrant
- Colgate
- Clean & Clear
- Neutrogena
- Biotherm
- Garnier
- Georgio Armarni
- Lancome
- Maybelline
- Redken
- Dove
- Sunsilk

Have a look at these videos on the PETA website. If you need convincing. Which I hope you dont.

Why bother with any products from the above list, when there are so many fantastic products those DO NOT test on animals? Some of these brands include:

- Almay
- Avon
- Bobbi Brown
- Bonne Bell
- Bumble & Bumble
- Burts Bees
- Chanel
- Clarins
- Clinique
- Dermatelogica
- Estee Lauder
- Goldwell
- Jo Malone
- Jurlique
- La Mer
- L’Occitane
- Nivea
- Palmers
- Revlon
- Stila

For the complete Consumer Lists click here. Unfortuneately, many brands are not on either list. Rules and regulations are very complex. If you have a favourite brand that isn’t featured, I would suggest researching further on the internet, emailing and calling to ask why they haven’t contacted PETA if they claim to be cruelty free. Be as specific as possible. Ask about specific products AND ingredients.

Animal Testing goes further than cosmetic use. There are also medicinal and research issues. The linked lists also include a wide range of hygeine products such as soaps, toothpastes, laundrey products and general cleaning items. These types of products contain the most chemicals and are obviously the most painful for animals that are trapped in labretories and tested on. Even certain pet food brands (eg. IAMS) are tested on animals?! WTF. But that is enough for a whole other post....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

Damien Hirst

I have a fascination with death and decomposition that often borders on morbid. Hey, you are who you are. I've always loved English artist Damien Hirst's work, namely his infamous For The Love Of God work in which he covered a human skull with over 8000 diamonds. Mmmmm

Tassle Earrings

Tehehe I actually made a pair. So yes, I am wearing curtain decorations in my ears and I Love it!!

Vintage Hat Boxes

I live in a 1.5 bedroom flat and have been forced to be creative regarding storage space for my over flowing wardrobe. Enter the hat boxes! I have a collection of vintage and new hat boxes stacked around my apartment that houses my various hoisery, socks, underwear and bits & peices

Cocktail Rings

The bigger and more obnoxious the better! Im a fan of in-expensive ones, because hy, the more the merrier! Plastic or blinged out with sparklies, dressing up your fingers has never been more fun

Miranda Kerr

Miranda has been my favourite model ever since she won a modelling competetion for Dolly magazine at 13. As random as life is, she ended up being in my extended circle of friends during the time she was dating an ex boyfriend and she has just got a lucritive Maybelline contract. Although we dont really keep in touch too much anymore, Ive still been following her career like an excited little kid, watching her editorials and campaigns with Kenzo, Neiman Marcus, Portmans and Victoria's Secret. She's just been announced the face of David Jones (Australia's answer to Bloomingdales) and I cant wait to see her again properly now that she will be back in Sydney more often. She is such a sweetie!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Icons Of Style- Erin Wasson

Erin Wasson has been modelling since 2000. At only 25, she has had campaigns with Gucci, Maybelline, Victoria's Secret and Dolce & Gabbanna to name a few. Her friends are models and designers, she is tattooed, surfs in her spare time and designs jewellery for her range Luv Low. Can I say perfection?!

What we can learn from Erin:

- know what suits you and stick to it!
- basic colours are not boring
- hats, slouchy beanies, headbands and headpeices are fun
- flats are cool, be in sneakers, brouges, gladiator sandles or boots
- denim cut offs are a staple wardrobe item (if you have the legs!)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Film Fashion

Fashion in film is amazing. Always has been, always will be. Here is my Top 10 Lists of outfits, in no particular order, from film that made an impact on my life...

1. Corey in Empire Records

2. Juliet in Baz Luhrmans Romeo and Juliet

3. Sloane in Ferris Buller's Day Off

4. Vivian in Pretty Woman

5. Sandy in Grease

6. Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

7. Carrie in Carrie

8. Andy in How To Loose A Guy in 10 Days

9. Cher in Clueless (damn it was hard to pick just one!)

10. Alice in Alice In Wonderland

Honourable mentions:

* Elle Woods in Legally Blonde- the pink playboy bunny ouyfit
* Penny Lane in Almost Famous- pesant top, jeans, fluffy coat
* Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys- opening scene, yes that lbd
* Lux in the Virgin Suicides- pick any floaty 70s dress
* Catherine & Annette in Cruel Intentions- their school uniforms are too cute!
* Lisa in Girl Interrupted- her outfit of the skinny grey jeans, yellow tee
* Rebecca in Girl On A Motorcycle- leather jumpsuit mmm
* Baby in Dirty Dancing- her final dance dress
* Lelaina in Reality Bites- the 'doilley' dress
* Nancy in Sid&Nancy - everything! punk fantastica
What makes your list?

Saturday, April 5, 2008


You may laugh, but Ive spent a chunk of time browsing the Martha Stewart website and there is just so many cute little crafty things Im wanting to do! The Craft Of The Day feature is so sweet! Well, to me anyways.

I finally got around to doing a little DIY project Ive been meaning to do for aages that both Gala Darling and Martha Stewart have done...

I am a collector of images- I have magazine clippings and photos and postcards spilling everywhere, so this is just perfect because if I get sick of it, all I need to do is replace the picture! Yay! I just used those adhesive hook things, but the removable ones so its no mess!

I am definately going to try the following simple ideas from M. Stewart too:
Brooch Into Bracelet
The brooch had its (most recent) big moment a few years ago, but why not welcome it back as the centerpiece of a romantic ribbon bracelet (above)? The cuff is simply a cubic zirconia-encrusted leaf pinned to some lavender velvet ribbon. The only tricky part is tying it on your wrist-you'll need an extra pair of hands to help you there. Pick out a thickish ribbon, like velvet or double-faced satin, that will support the brooch's weight.

Earrings Into Pins
As for those glitzy earrings that see action only at weddings, cluster a few together to give holiday outfits a pop of sparkle (above). The upper two crystal blossoms are clip-ons clamped onto the neckline the bottom one is a stud pierced through the fabric.

Necklace Into Shoulder Strap
A chiffon top with a sweet jewel-encrusted touch proves it's more than okay to have a few chips on your shoulder. This silver-and-stone necklace hides a spaghetti strap underneath, but you can also try this idea with a strapless top. You'll need two French safety pins (the kind that don't have bottom coils) and a choker or short necklace with consistent width (avoid necklaces that graduate in size). With the non-clasp end positioned at the front of the top, tuck the pin underneath the top, push it through the material, and hook the end of the necklace to secure. Repeat on the back. Or, if you prefer, you can make the look semipermanent with a few hand stitches.

Bracelet Into Belt
This waist-defining stunner -- perfect for holiday parties -- was created by looping satin ribbon through a hole in the filigree at each end of a bracelet. To make your own, choose a bracelet with ring clasps or openwork through which you can easily thread a strap (satin or grosgrain work well). The bracelet should also have a bit of heft, so you won't risk breaking it every time you laugh. Take it with you to the fabric store when selecting ribbon so you can gauge the right thickness and color.

This is a good idea too, I have so many printed silk scarves!

Appreciation Bubble:
My home. The fact that I have a home. Out for dinner last night in Surry Hills I ended up chatting to a girl who seemed to be my age while having a cigarette outside. And yes, she was homeless, living in a shelter. There are too many people who have no where to live, and it really disgusts me that the common attitude is to assume homelessness is due to alcohol or drug problems. People are people, we all need somewhere safe to sleep.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

Bows In Your Hair
There was a sale on in Best & Less (think target or wallmart) on little girls accessories and I stocked up on bows. Bows on headbands, bows on bobby pins, bows on clips, bows on hair ties…. Love.

Venetian Masks
I want to go to a masquerade ball and wear a fabulous gown and then Id have an excuse to buy a feathered, sequined, Venetian mask.

My New Ugg Boots
My mum just surprised me with these gorgeous new Ugg Boots. Her reason? My old ones were falling apart and errr smelled bad.

Before you go ‘ohmigod Addison, nooo please don’t be an advocate for them, I thought this blog was supposed to be about STYLE!’ don’t worry. Ugg boots WERE NOT made to be fashion items. Growing up in Australia, everyone wore ugg boots in winter, in place of slippers or socks.

And that is where they should remain. In winter, only to be worn INDOORS. Possibly to go check the mail. But never EVER outside in place of actual shoes. Why do people do this WHY!!!???

Long Leather Gloves
Does this even need an explanation?! Freakin HOT! I have teeny hands and can never fit into store bought gloves, which is frustrating. Most vintage gloves fit, as do children’s ones…. The hunt begins…

Discovering New Blogs
I adore finding new blogs that I absolutely love and thinking 'how did i ever live without this?!' One such blog is A New Muse that has posts on Sydney Street Style. Its a little funny because I live in the areas she's photographed and I actually know a few of the girls featured, which makes it exciting to me!! Ive added a few new links to the side of blogs that have been sweet enough to link me. So if you want your blog added, link me back and let me know and voila! (yes, shameful self promotion, but they are all awesome in their own ways so humph!)

What are some things you are loving lately?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Icons Of Style- Peaches Geldof

I dont know much about Peaches Geldof aside from who her father is, that she writes/has written for a few English mags and is about 18years old. I actually dont care to know much else about her, from what rare interviews and press Ive seen Im not sure I like the girl, but there is no denying that her look is very fresh, young, funky and unique. See for yourselves...

What we can learn from Peaches:

- experiment with different hair colours and cuts
- fabulous coats make great cover ups
- splashes of bright colours, like red, liven up any outfit. shoes, bags or necklaces
- long necklaces with interesting pendants match almost everything
- black is eternally chic
- use patterened scarves to accessorise otherwise plain outfits
- the best tan you can have is a light, bronzed glow. NEVER go overboard
- black opaques suit everything and everyone
- dont be afraid of headbands! ever!