Saturday, April 5, 2008


You may laugh, but Ive spent a chunk of time browsing the Martha Stewart website and there is just so many cute little crafty things Im wanting to do! The Craft Of The Day feature is so sweet! Well, to me anyways.

I finally got around to doing a little DIY project Ive been meaning to do for aages that both Gala Darling and Martha Stewart have done...

I am a collector of images- I have magazine clippings and photos and postcards spilling everywhere, so this is just perfect because if I get sick of it, all I need to do is replace the picture! Yay! I just used those adhesive hook things, but the removable ones so its no mess!

I am definately going to try the following simple ideas from M. Stewart too:
Brooch Into Bracelet
The brooch had its (most recent) big moment a few years ago, but why not welcome it back as the centerpiece of a romantic ribbon bracelet (above)? The cuff is simply a cubic zirconia-encrusted leaf pinned to some lavender velvet ribbon. The only tricky part is tying it on your wrist-you'll need an extra pair of hands to help you there. Pick out a thickish ribbon, like velvet or double-faced satin, that will support the brooch's weight.

Earrings Into Pins
As for those glitzy earrings that see action only at weddings, cluster a few together to give holiday outfits a pop of sparkle (above). The upper two crystal blossoms are clip-ons clamped onto the neckline the bottom one is a stud pierced through the fabric.

Necklace Into Shoulder Strap
A chiffon top with a sweet jewel-encrusted touch proves it's more than okay to have a few chips on your shoulder. This silver-and-stone necklace hides a spaghetti strap underneath, but you can also try this idea with a strapless top. You'll need two French safety pins (the kind that don't have bottom coils) and a choker or short necklace with consistent width (avoid necklaces that graduate in size). With the non-clasp end positioned at the front of the top, tuck the pin underneath the top, push it through the material, and hook the end of the necklace to secure. Repeat on the back. Or, if you prefer, you can make the look semipermanent with a few hand stitches.

Bracelet Into Belt
This waist-defining stunner -- perfect for holiday parties -- was created by looping satin ribbon through a hole in the filigree at each end of a bracelet. To make your own, choose a bracelet with ring clasps or openwork through which you can easily thread a strap (satin or grosgrain work well). The bracelet should also have a bit of heft, so you won't risk breaking it every time you laugh. Take it with you to the fabric store when selecting ribbon so you can gauge the right thickness and color.

This is a good idea too, I have so many printed silk scarves!

Appreciation Bubble:
My home. The fact that I have a home. Out for dinner last night in Surry Hills I ended up chatting to a girl who seemed to be my age while having a cigarette outside. And yes, she was homeless, living in a shelter. There are too many people who have no where to live, and it really disgusts me that the common attitude is to assume homelessness is due to alcohol or drug problems. People are people, we all need somewhere safe to sleep.


Aisha said...

I loved the 'necklace into shoulder strap' idea, i might try it myself to bright up some boring dress!

Ediot said...

sounds like a good idea! you got inspired! thanks for sharing the tips :)
and about the appreciation bubble- i couldn't agree more.

WISH you a great weekend.

Jovana said...

I love DIY, and these are good ideas, so who cares if they came from Martha Stewart :)
The 'Appreciation Bubble' part is a nice touch in your posts.

Molly :] said...

Wow- im going to have to check that out!
And i loved the 'appreciation bubble'. I agree!

Sam said...

very cute DIYs.
i think im going to make that ribbon bracelet w/the brooch!

Anonymous said...

I really like the line of photos/images. And wow, Martha Stewart does have amazing, crafty ideas!

oh and lastly,

Romany said...

Great post! I love your "everything old is new again" DIY attitude - it's positively inspiring! If you ever need anyone to get these trends to 'happen' I'm happy to be your right-hand man (well, you know, woman. Lol.) - especially the earrings into pins and necklaces into straps. :)
Thanks for your gorgeous comment on my blog! Your perfume sounds delicious. Once again, great post sweetie!

Chic and Charming said...

I love that Martha article too! Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the Zac Posen Target Collection.


i always use my earings as pins.. or if i get sick of wearing them i just pin them to the collar of my shirt.. sometimes it annoys me though. and the flower headband.. i got some fake flowers from a craft store, separeted them, took some ribbon and glued the flowers to the ribbon!

Sheryl Wong said...

i make big earrings into rings too by changing the base. some of those vintage earrings are too big to carry off but look great as chunky rings instead.

On Track said...

What fantastic idea, thank you very much for sharing your tips and tricks :)

I agree with everyone else, I really like your appreciation bubble to, its a lovely positive touch

Sally Jane said...

Martha (or at least her team) always has the best ideas!

Vain and Vapid said...

That bracelet/belt idea is really cool, the one used in the photo has such a 20's feel to it which is lovely.

Cellar Door said...

I will check out Martha's website if that's the kind of cute stuff on it! I never would have thought. And I wear earrings as broaches, especially the very weird ones my guy bought me which are gawky birds with long dangley legs. Wearing them as a broach prevents me from looking totally mental and keeps him happy!

Zoƫ said...

I love DYIs!

a side order of style said...

completely agree, everyone needs a home... honestly it breaks my heart to see people on the street but sometimes I'm just at such a loss on what I can do to help, except offer the change in my pocket =/ which really isn't anything...

jess said...

those are some great projects, I might need to ry them. I've linked you hope you don't mind

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

such great dyi ideas, I'll have to bookmark this post of yours.
martha stewart is the queen of all dyi!!

A dreamer said...

these are all really good ideas. thanks for sharing!