Thursday, March 20, 2008

coming soon...

Two of my most recent short term goals have been to write more and be more grateful of life. So, blogging daily fills the first one and also gives me a space to show my gratitude.

Id love to be a site that a fair few people read religiously, guess i need to get into some self promoting! There are alot of things I have opinions on and Id love to get them out there. Plus, I want to include regular features; such as:

Things I Love Thursday
inspired by the fantabulous Gala Darling
Icons Of Style
women who have a signature style that i admire
Weekly Wardrobe
posts and photos of outfits I've worn during the week
Do It Yourselves
im crafty, so i thought id share some of my projects

Appreciation Bubble:
children. i am an only child, but my stepmum is having a baby due in august. i am so excited. i love babies and little kids. they are so innocent. they say what they mean and they feel what they feel, no holding back. i think everyone can learn from that.

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