Monday, March 24, 2008

Icons Of Style- Lou Doillon

Lou Doillon is easily a pedigree of France. for those of us who don't watch french cinema, we wouldn't be aware of Lou Dillon the actress; of which she is highly acomplished. but we may be atune to her legacy; daughter of Jane Birkin and french director Jacques Doillon, she also just so happens to be the half sister to Charlotte Gainsberg.

Renowned for her unusal beauty, she has sucessfully modelled for the likes of Givenchy, Jovovich-Hawkand Pirelli. A standard in the front rows of Paris Fashion Week, Lou's individual style begun at an early age and now, at the age of 25, is distinct, unique and in my opinion, utterly fabulous.

Lou has a penchant to pair etherial, floaty dresses with dark opaques and fantastic head peices- be it hats, flowers or headbands. Her opaques often peek out from her heels, proving that the whole 'no stockings with open toe shoes' rule is really, bullshit.

Her hair is worn loose below her shoulders, textured and natural with a come-hither fringe. Never heavily made up or covered in orangey fake tan, her skin glows with her natural french beauty.

fresh face, printed tee, jeans tucked into over the knee black socks and boots, sparkly red jacket? oui oui!



a side order of style said...

I totally love how you are a gala darling reader(I noticed earlier but failed to mention how I'm an obsessive reader of hers) and how you too love the kooks! btw would you hate me if i said Lou Doillon kinda reminded me a bit of cory kennedy? I dont know just something in those pictures remind me of her. like a sober and taller version perhaps?
Sincerly, Steph

Addison said...

nah dont hate you at all! i think its the hair, or the face shape or something? possibly? hmmm

millicent said...

her appearance kind of does remind me of cory, but lou's 10x better. haha.

a side order of style said...

agreed on Lou being "10x better". I really don't like cory kennedy. just because she usually ends up just looking sloppy but Lou Doillon cleans up well.

Isa said...

hm, perfect french nonchalance. I love it.

Jen said...

I am also a gala afficonado! he rocks. So do open toe shoes with opaque tights. Thanks for providing conclusive evidence X


wow this person has incredible style!

hannah said...

i love her. she always looks amazing. like mother, like daughter.

that first photo with the top hat is perfection.

anna. said...

the doe eyed design is my favorite by far.
i ahted alice and wonderland, and through the looking glass, but te print is pretty cute.
would u like to trade links?

Jackie said...

eventually, ebay will run out too =[

oh joy.

but great post, i always thought over the knee boots were kind of well, you know. but portrayed like that, they're actually kind of cute.