Thursday, March 27, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

Over The Knee Boots
Being totally honest, Ive wanted a pair since Julia Roberts strutted her stuff in Pretty Woman. It wasn’t until I saw a Stella McCartney stretch pair a few years ago that I knew I HAD to get some. Unfortunately, all I ever find is WAAAAYY out of my price range or a very sophisticated pvc platform type made my strippers. Hmm

The Hills
Such a guilty pleasure. I used to live in LA, so I love pretending that I could be there. *ahem* I hate pretty much all the characters, but there is something about the show that I can't stop watching! Being the unemployed student as I am, I dont have pay TV but thankfully the fantastic people at MTV have made it available to watch online. Weeee!

Trilby Hats
I finally bought a black one. And Im in love. Cant wait till the weather cools down, since its kinda sweaty underneath it at the moment.

Max Brenner
Aparently this restaurant/café chain is currently only in Sydney, Melbourne, NYC and Israel; but its simply divine. An entire store with chocolate made drinks, deserts and weird but ultimately delicious chocolate pizzas!

The Jesus and Mary Chain
I’ve never really ‘stopped’ loving the band, but I’ve rediscovered them ever since I bought tickets to V Festival where they are playing. This Saturday! Yay!

"Just Like Honey" - The Jesus and Mary Chain

What are some of the things you're loving this week?


Secretista said...

OMG. I went to Max Brenner's for a friend's birthday, well after dinner. I got this hot chocolate that was ready to drink as soon as they put it down. OMG it was SO GOOD. I swear if I didn't run out of cash and was willing to run to an ATM, I would have bought so much more!!

Isa said...

haha, I´m a hills-addict, too, although I´m not too much in love with the la-lifestyle. I think lauren is quite cute though. and you simply have to watch it for the viewing pleasure of the clothing!

Fashion-DiscipleXXX said...

I want a trilby so bad, but they are always to small for my head when i find them, lol. its funny coz i dont think my head looks that big, must be all the hair.

AlicePleasance said...

I'll admit I secretly watch The Hills too...
I want a trylby me too!

Anonymous said...

mmh, chocolate. THe Jesus And Mary Chain is an exceptionally surprising band, because they're always lurking somewhere in the back of my mind and whenever I hear them I'm all baffled again.

hannah said...

i really want a hat like that! you will have to post photos or something of yours.

kate moss is the queen of the over the knee boots. she looks amazing in them.

Cool Urbanite. said...

Oh chocolate, that cafe/restaurant is like heaven to me!

Wendy said...

I don't watch the Hills, not much of a reality show to me anyhow.

because im addicted said...

i want over the knee boots too, they are totally totally hooker chic! i need to watch the premier of the hills, im behind! their old apt was right next to mine and they were always filming. im sad they moved!

Romany said...

I'm loving what your loving: the Hills! Hells yeah this show is awesome!
I'm also loving the movie St. Trinian's and the girly, slutty (but in a non-slutty way, if that makes sense), grung-y uniform it's inspired.
And I'm finally loving sleep, because I only got two hours of it last night.
Great post. :)