Friday, March 28, 2008

My So Called Life

In the early to mid 90s I was entrenched in primary school, eagerly waiting to reach “double digits” on birthdays. I was also idolizing everything my older, teenage sister did, said, wore, liked.

Which meant grunge. Flannel shirts, doc martens, faded denim jeans with tears at the knee. Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, The Violent Femmes. River Pheonix and Winona Ryder.

When Marc Jacobs did a ‘grunge inspired’ collection a few seasons ago, the fashion world went crazy for it. Which is ironic; considering the fashions of grunge stemmed from a rebellion against overly expensive clothes and the rejection of the power dressing of the 1980’s by being messy, scruffy, aloof and dressing for comfort instead of appearance.

The cult TV series, My So Called Life, not only symbolizes the era for me, the writing is truely divine; it captures so many teenage thoughts that passed through my brain. Santa gave me the box set this Christmas and I’ve recently been obsessively watching the whole thing. Again. For like the 5th time since December.

The series only lasted one season, for some reason, (with a 14 year old Claire Danes and an adorably hot young Jared Leto) but it contains so many brilliant lines, so many fantastic scenes, and so many amazing grunge-y fashions.

“This life has been a test. If this had been an actual life, you would have received instructions on where to go and what to do.”

Flannel shirt, loose tee, black leggings and doc martens. In red. Fantastical!

“You know how sometimes the last sentence you said, like, echoes in your brain? And it just keeps sounding stupider? And you have to say something else just to make it stop?”

“My parents keep asking how school was. It’s like saying ‘How was that drive by shooting?’ You don’t care how it WAS, you’re lucky to get out alive.”

Ahhhh. The floral dress with shoe string straps in a muted colour layered over a basic colored tee. Love it.

Rayanne: You wanna have sex with him.
Angela: Who?
Rayanne: Who. Jordan. Catalano. Come on, Im not gonna tell anyone, just admit it.
Angela: I just like how he’s always leaning. Against stuff. He leans great. Well, either sex or a conversation. Ideally both.

Appreciation Bubble:
trees. how they change with the seasons. Its actually really beautiful, if you stop and think about it.


jess said...

i always call plaid flannel shirts or plaid shirts in general lumnberjack shirts i never seen that show

bianca banca said...

AHHHHH my so called life! in the 90's when it was new i wasnt actually old enough to like it, but they play reruns sometimes on The N(i dont know if you have that channel, its a really random channel). hahaha, its very funny. Claire Danes was in a few movies recently, i know she was in shop girl, that was a fairly good movie...i thought.
hhaha, really cool post!
I see your name is sisters name is madison, but i call her addison because i like it and it annoys her. Its a very pretty name! said...

I WISH! I had the box set - athough I've seen every episode atleast 5 times! Angela Chase, she was my hero!

The Vancouverista said...

oh my so called life! i even had the books

Romany said...

Jared Leto. Is. So. Hot.
I'm going to buy this set of dvds just for him. But it actually sounds like a good show, too - bonus! :)
p.s. I like trees too. They have a real natural beauty - they're absence would make the world a weirder place, aesthetically.

Cool Urbanite. said...

I never heard of the serie, but seeing the great lines it must have been a very great one to watch!! And the outfit with the red Docs, actually really like it! Strangely enough it makes me think of MK Olsen :P.

hannah said...

i have never seen that show. but i love grunge, the new way though. a la mary kate, i consider her grunge most of the time, am i the only one?

Vain and Vapid said...

I love that show, and I really love Claire's red Docs!


i never heard of this, but im sure its great because clare danes is an amazing actress. oh you know how you mentioned that chocolate dessert place in a few posts below... well im planning on going to the new york city locations in a few weeks! thanks for that great tip!

Ross&Jenny said...

OMG! I had forgot it! But I am now searching for the box set! I have also been looking for affordable/non-prostitute over knee boots for...mmm.. over a year I think. I don't think they exist.

Jovana said...

I was also in primary school when that show aired here, but I was too young to appreciate the fashion aspect of it. I loved the series but not as much as my friend, who wanted (and probably still wants) to one day name her daughter Angela, and she was crazy in love with Jordan-Jared, so this post reminded me of her...
P.S. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

molly said...

i love your blog too! i love discovering fantastic new blogs...

ive heard about that show and i want to see it rather badly. that last conversation, its almost spooky, my friend and i had almost the EXACT same conversation, obsessing over how a guy leans. hmm..

the iron chic said...

I seriously need to rent this boxset!
I've never seen a whole episode.