Friday, April 11, 2008

Cosmetic Animal Testing

Dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, monkeys the list goes on… They can be poisoned and blinded, have substances forced into their stomachs and their eyes… These tests are no even required by law, and many brands produce cosmetics that aren’t tested on animals, so why do they still do it?!

The following companies have not signed on to PETA’s caring consumers list; meaning that they have NOT stated they don’t test on animals. These are the major companies, and the brand products they own.

This is where it gets confusing. L’Oreal owns brands such as Khiels, The Body Shop and Shu Umera but they do not manufacture them. They all have strict ‘non animal testing’ policies. So it comes down to the consumer: Do you want to buy a cruelty free product from Khiel’s knowing that the money you spend goes to a company that does test?

Be warned:

Chesebrough- Ponds
- Ponds
- Vaseline
Proctor & Gamble
- Claroil
- Herbal Essences
- CoverGirl
- Max Factor
- Oral-B
- Pantene
- Olay/Oil Of Olay
- Palmolive
- Speed Stick Deodrant
- Colgate
- Clean & Clear
- Neutrogena
- Biotherm
- Garnier
- Georgio Armarni
- Lancome
- Maybelline
- Redken
- Dove
- Sunsilk

Have a look at these videos on the PETA website. If you need convincing. Which I hope you dont.

Why bother with any products from the above list, when there are so many fantastic products those DO NOT test on animals? Some of these brands include:

- Almay
- Avon
- Bobbi Brown
- Bonne Bell
- Bumble & Bumble
- Burts Bees
- Chanel
- Clarins
- Clinique
- Dermatelogica
- Estee Lauder
- Goldwell
- Jo Malone
- Jurlique
- La Mer
- L’Occitane
- Nivea
- Palmers
- Revlon
- Stila

For the complete Consumer Lists click here. Unfortuneately, many brands are not on either list. Rules and regulations are very complex. If you have a favourite brand that isn’t featured, I would suggest researching further on the internet, emailing and calling to ask why they haven’t contacted PETA if they claim to be cruelty free. Be as specific as possible. Ask about specific products AND ingredients.

Animal Testing goes further than cosmetic use. There are also medicinal and research issues. The linked lists also include a wide range of hygeine products such as soaps, toothpastes, laundrey products and general cleaning items. These types of products contain the most chemicals and are obviously the most painful for animals that are trapped in labretories and tested on. Even certain pet food brands (eg. IAMS) are tested on animals?! WTF. But that is enough for a whole other post....


A dreamer said...

*cries* i use half of those products
*weeps for the animals*
its so awful. thanks for this post.

On Track said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea that so many products I use test on animals :( how sad. I actually printed out your post so that i can remember which ones dont. Im going to pass it on to my sister to, I know that she will be willing to go for the amazing non testing companies :)

That rabbit is adorable x

Aisha said...

thanks for the information, i used to have Clean & Clear =L

coco said...

I had no idea companies that do test on animals own companies that dont
that is something to think about! I always try to avoid products that test on animals!

zoeeeee said...

hey your blog is bad ass. and yeah i've seen that video and the fur video too but i don't know why people think it's any worse than the way we treat our dairy cows or even just the animals that we end up eating.

bronwyn said...

Excellent post, thanks. This is something I need to be far more aware of. I will have to stop buying pantene, which I do from time to time, no big deal about that anyway, it's not like pantene is so great anyway.

a side order of style said...

OMG, this reminds me of how they did testing on rabbits with bleach. it was disgusting. they would put bleach in their eyes just to see if it would cause blindness. honestly what stupid scientist came up with that one? obviously sadists that take advantage of the helpless. thanks for the post =)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

a lot of the products I use are on the bad list, I had to stop reading cause I don't even want to know!! there are some people that get paid to let companies test the stuff on them so why not leave the poor animals alone?

Romany said...

God the thought of testing harmful things on animals makes me sick.
I'm so glad I use Jurlique - I've steered clear from the beauty hell that is L'Oreal (excpet maybe Lancome) since my mum started studying naturopathy. Not only are their products bad for animals, but they're also bad for humans too...

Really great post! Seriously. These are issues that need to be shoved in people's faces at this point, because as we've learned, the subtle approach just doesn't solve anything when it comes to animal testing - consumers would rather just not think about it...It's horrible, so thank you for doing your bit to raise awareness! :)


Adele said...

very interesting... thanks for the advice.x

Jimena said...

thank you for an interesting post!

i'll be sure to keep in mind this list in the future!


Cellar Door said...

I haven't eaten meat since I was 12 so the fact that I might have used some of the products which are tested on animals is vile. But I think the companies which are on the 'good' list are the ones with the better products anyhow. Thanks for the list, now I can justify getting the Chanel foundation I want instead of the Max Factor one I got last time!

jenny h. said...

this is a really good post.....
really informative. thankss.

and thanks for the kind comments on my blog.
do you wanna trade links?

leave me a comment and let me know if you do. :)

Sara said...

I want to be vegan but I just can't stop eating meat. It's too yummy. :(

Vain and Vapid said...

This is a great post, I'm so glad you wrote it. I have been shopping according to this list and avoiding those awful companies for a long time now. Also many many household cleaning products are tested on animals such as Clorox bleach and all the stuff from Proctor & Gamble. A great rule of thumb is to shop at the organic shops. Those afore mentioned companies test on animals because they use such cheap and synthetic ingredients that they want to know what the side effects are and the better quality brands, who use high quality natural ingredients don't need to do that so it's better for the consumer as well as for animals to stay away from those products.

Secretista said...

Though that was illegal?

because im addicted said...

such a good post!! i hate that they test on animals!!

jess said...

i never ealzed so many compnies tested on animals

Molly :] said...

Oh My God.
Its so sad that so many products test on animals. Thanks so much for this, its a real eye opener. :)

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Good post Addison. It is always good to have a timely reminder of these things.
Also, you have been TAGGED by me.
Visit my blog tonight for the details.
:) Cheers.

XXX Super Kawaii Mama XXX

Jovana said...

I'm sad to see some of the products I use on the bad list...
I tagged you too, didn't see the previous comment, hope you don't mind. More info on my blog...

Elise Vivienne said...

hi my name is elise and i have a fashion/styling blog and i was wondering if you would be able to put up a link to my blog and i will put one up for your blog. have a look at it first to check it out.

thanks. elise

Jello on Springs said...

I did a similar post a while back, so this post makes me happy =] yay for awarness


first off those pictures of the little creatures was sooo cute.. omg i want them as pets hhaha, but thats some horrible info on animal testing.. i mean i never thought about alot of those brands... its crazy

Kira Fashion said...

so cute puppies!!!

i love animals!

a kiss and a hug,

fashionfake said...

Hey, I've tagged you on my blog.. whenever you get back... please come back soon?

Aisha said...

post soon =)

The Clothes Horse said...

I can't believe animal testing still exists, I will definitely be avoiding those companies!

Kira Fashion said...

that´s a terrible thing...

a kiss

Kira Fashion said...


you are in my links of the day :)

a kiss and a hug,

Cate said...

these tests on animals are so cruel. the thing that e.g. l'oréal owns kiehl's, who doesn't test, but if you buy kiehl's, the money goes to l'oréal, who does test, it's really complicated, a dilemma. gosh, i use many brands who test on animals - but also many who don't. why can't they test the products on humans if they're made for humans? and if they would say "humans are worth too much" - well, aren't animals? animals are living organisms just like us!!!

Cait said...

really an informative article. glad i found it.

Romany said...

I've tagged you by the way. :)
Check my blog for details.

alicia said...

i'm so glad you posted this, it's so important to spread the word about animal testing! when i found out that johnson&johnsons tested on animals i was almost sick, i threw away all their products i had.
thank goodness nivea are cruelty free as i also have heaps of their stuff!

great blog, have added it to my faves!

Fashion Addict said...

oh my goodness! never knew about this! I'm so heartbroken! Thanks for posting such great information.

I would love to do a link exchange with you, so please contact me later about it!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

thank you for this post. i'm going to print it out and keep it nearby so i'm always reminded of which products to avoid.

Alice said...

Glad to know my favourites brands don't test on animals!

Diana Coronado said...

Really nice post !!
I'm sad cuz univeler test on animals...

I'm a PETA Girl too !¡

Eleh said...

it's downright cruel to test products on animals.

thanks for the heads up on the brands.

Margherita. said...

I have to say, I could not give up my Max Factor eyeliner.

I do feel bad about animal testing though. This guy came into our school and talked about how he did drug testing on animals. Like, coke, heroin, etc. Not medicinal drugs. It was basically, disgusting. The drugs make the animals self destruct.

Romany said...

Addison where are you??
It's been three months and not so much as a "i'm on hiatus"...
Lol -- we miss you!

simply.steph said...

WHERE ARE YOU?! its been too long. me and jae have been visiting periodically to see you havent posted anything for months now =(

A dreamer said...

oh gosh, where have you gone!!!??
no!! don't leave us.

y said...

Please check out PETA! they have a list of companies that does not test on animals. Alot of companies by Proctor and gamble, who owns TIDE, DAWN, list goes on test on animals. There are so many companies that does not animal test on household product as well as makeup! We need to really come together to ban animal testing on makeup and household things. Please spread the word and educate your friends and family!

Kaylee said...

It really ticks me off how people just test on animals it aint right they should stop. Or I think we will put on a protest.

Lilee said...

cute pics!

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Camila said...

I wrote to Kiehls asking if they did animal testing and this is their reply:
May 13, 2010

Thank you for your reply to our email.

Within the context of the European Union's 7th Amendment, safety tests on animals are absolutely necessary and compulsory for some ingredients, bearing in mind the lack of approved alternative methods, to ensure that the products which are marketed are safe, effective and innovative.

Again, we invite you to view our Sustainable Development Report, which is posted on our company's global website

We appreciate your interest in Kiehl's.

Customer Relations
Ref # 5576228

Darla Conchita Rico said...

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Anonymous said...

Revlon DOES test on animals. I didn't check each company your list, but you might want to recheck.